We recently took advantage of the beautiful Sydney weather and enjoyed a picnic lunch at The Newport in Sydney’s northern beaches. The food was created by the Newport's very talented executive chef, Jordan Toft and we set the scene with a few of our key summer pieces from our Pony Island collection.


Pony Rider and The Newport have joined forces to create an iconic throw/blanket exclusive to the Newport, designed to keep their patrons comfortable throughout the year.

These versatile throws are proving a hit around the fire and outdoor area, they're also adding a little more style to the local crowd... not that they need it!

Jordan created incredible dishes for us, we enjoyed hot smoked salmon, charcoal- grilled chicken, refreshing salads, passionfruit meringue pies, and even a few Aperol Spritzes.

If you're feeling adventurous, we’ve attached the recipe for the Tangelo Goat curd salad below - highly recommended!



3 Lebanese cucumbers, sliced at an angle
3 tangelos, peeled and sliced into discs
2 large handfuls of purslane
(or other leafy green)
2 large handfuls of rocket leaves
150g fresh goat’s curd
30ml sherry vinegar
100ml extra-virgin olive oil
Pinch of Espelette pepper (or chilli  Fakes) Sea salt and black pepper

1. Place cucumbers on a grill or hotplate and cook until they have a bit of colour (you don’t want to overcook; you want to retain their fresh, crunchy texture).

2. Arrange the tangelos, cucumbers, purslane, and rocket loosely on a large platter.

3. Sprinkle salad with goat’s curd. Dress with vinegar and olive oil. Lightly sprinkle with Espelette pepper and season with salt and pepper to serve.





1 star anise
1 tsp coriander seeds
200g rock salt
60g caster sugar
Zest of 1 lemon
Zest of 1 orange
3⁄4 cup dill fronds
1kg salmon fillet, skin on
Apple wood chips, for smoking
Crème fraîche,
lightly pickled seasonal vegetables, and crusty bread, for serving 


Note: You’ll need a charcoal, kettle-style barbeque for this recipe. 

1. Using a mortar and pestle, grind star anise, coriander seeds, and rock salt. Combine in a small bowl with sugar, zest, and dill. 

2. On a plastic tray, press mixture into salmon and refrigerate for three hours. 

3. Soak wood chips in water and set aside. Light a small charcoal re to one side of your barbeque. (You
don’t want too much heat; you want a temperature of approximately 110 ̊C.) 

4. Place salmon, skin side down, on the grill, away from direct heat. Squeeze excess water from wood chips and place them directly over the hot coals. Close barbeque lid, allowing smoke to develop. 

5. Grill salmon for 15 to 20 minutes. The salmon is ready when it reaches 40 ̊C or when the fakes move gently when you press them. 

6. Gently remove fish from grill; serve hot or cold with crème fraîche, pickles, and bread. 



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