Hieroglyphic Cushion - Earth
Hieroglyphic Cushion - Earth

Hieroglyphic Cushion - Earth


PLEASE NOTE : This product wil be available to ship to you Monday 31st October. 

It's not easy coming up with new ideas all the time. Sometimes we need to push the boundaries. This time it worked. We are so excited with the outcome and know that you will enjoy the craftsmanship for years to come. You see we work with a very special family who talk our same lanugauage. It's a symbiosis that is hard to find. Made in Southern India with the lovely Suresh we harness the symbolism of meeting place, fireside, time to rest and time to unite. These messages are all here in the cushion. Take some time to know your product so you can enjoy the hidden messages in them, who knows it might rub off on your space.

We use corn fibre inners as they are both biodegradable and safer for animal welfare.
If you like you can remove your corn fibre inner at checkout. 

• 60cm x 60cm (2cm lip edge)
• Custom cotton jacquard design
• Embroidered detail in wool
• Reversible in plain (no embroidery)
• Hand wash

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Hieroglyphic Cushion

Hieroglyphic Cushion


60cm Corn Fibre Inner

60cm Corn Fibre Inner


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