The Makers Apron  - Denim
The Makers Apron  - Denim

The Makers Apron - Denim


An apron is a magical thing. Transforming your everyday Granny into a super human! When tied up in our Delivery Boy Apron, you'll find you can wipe the sweat from your brow while lifting hot pots from the stove, clean away the dirt from the grimiest of small children's faces and carry the whole spring harvest in from the garden! 

The Delivery Boy Apron will last you a lifetime, you'll wash it hundreds of times, you'll stash your machete in it's huge patch pockets and when you're long gone, your grand kids will fight for it!

• soft, washed cotton denim
• large patch pocket split in two
• measures 70cm x 76cm
• long wrap around ties

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