Wolf Pack Cushion - Denim
Wolf Pack Cushion - Denim

Wolf Pack Cushion - Denim


Every now and then I like to ask myself who my wolf pack is. Are they inspiring me, do they keep me feeling safe and cared for? 
Your wolf pack are those people in your life that make you feel loved, inspired, creative and full of empowerment. 
Wolf pack isn't defined by age but a group of people you hold dear. 
We made this one in denim becuase I think all kids need a good wolf pack behind them to make greater people.

We use corn fibre inners as they are both biodegradable and safer for animal welfare.
If you like you can remove your corn fibre inner at checkout. 

• 45cm x 85cm (potato sack)
• 10oz Indigo Denim
• Hand screen printed / Stone washed for aged finish
• Reverse side is plain denim
• Cold machine wash

This product looks great as a solo item or styled with some of our denim collection this season.
Patched Honour is a great complimentary piece. Alternatively if your looking to create the complete look style it with the Misty Creek bed cover.

85cm x 45cm  Corn Fiber Inner

85cm x 45cm Corn Fiber Inner


Wolf Pack Cushion

Wolf Pack Cushion


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