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Bedding for layers

15 June 2020

Successful bedroom design is all about being brave and having a go. After all, you can always shut the door! Read on for simple ways to make your sleeping space DELUXE baby!

When we’re organising a shoot, running around making beds up left right and centre, we love to have loads of options, blankets, throws, cushions, and pillows at hand. However when the beds are finally made they always have around three key pieces on them. A great cushion or two, a beautiful throw or blanket and some great pillowcases.

Dawn Ranger Bed Blanket and Cushion in Tan Wanderful Cushion in Tan and Woman Cushion in Donkey

The Dawn Ranger Blanket is a great style that is super versatile because it is reversible and can be an under blanket or an over the bedspread. A good weight for summer and a great extra layer in winter. Comes with a cool blanket stitch detail and some cool designs by us. You can go dark or light depending on your vibe and it can be machine washed. 

Organic Bedding in Natural - King SIngles and Lone Ranger in Tan Quite often singles needless is more when you have two in a room. I love that we offer the double in the throws which are great when you have two in a room as well for an extra winter weight. Our Organic Duvets come in king singles which are great for covering the edges of a single - feels slightly more luxe. We often get asked about king single duvet inserts and they do exist!. Next time your thinking of buying a king single, come ask us and we can direct you to the right place. I love doubling up on cushion styles in a single room. gives that in-home hotel feeling. The way you treat your cushions can really decide if space is formal or informal - play with that till you get your desired look.

Dawn Ranger in Tan as a double with Safari Stripes Close up of Dawn Ranger and Organic Natural Duvet

We do cater to kids rooms and have noticed that our throws and doubles get a lot of use in kids spaces. They also make for great teepee coverings. For girls rooms, l quite like picking a semi-classic colour for girls and mixing it up with a green to give it a more earthy tone. You can do this with creams as well. It seems to be a trend to give a kids space one colour at the moment for that semi earth mother vibe but don't be scared to throw in some colour - remember they're kids and don't care if it looks like a catalogue or not - It's their creative space, not yours.  

Seeker Cushion in Tan and Organic Canvas Duvet in CharcoalBoys rooms are easy and super fun - I feel we cater to them really well. We have a new style coming out in a king single next month The Mountain Calling which is super fun and will be a great unisex quilt for both genders. Don't be scare to make a girls room punchy too. Who said girls don't like green and earthy tones of tan and black. This style would suit both kids space and a small luxe boutique cabin catering for adults and kids. 

Khaki Organic Super King Canvas Duvet and Dawn Ranger Blanket reversed Organic Canvas Sleeping Bag in Khaki

When it comes to layering don't be scared to mix and match your tones. It comes down to comfort and style. Our Organic Bedding is a great base to start with. We sleep for something crazy like 28 years of our life on average so take some time to get it right. SO We start with a good base then layer up from there. Usually, the rule of three will always apply so keep that in your head when you're looking for the right trilogy. We are always open for chats too so feel free to DM us and we can talk you through it. Peace. x Check out our Bedding Categories