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A Grateful Feast

9 December 2020

We teamed up this year with some of our favourites @chrissearl Photographer and @janeecollins, our very creative menu & stylist, to create our annual festive feast. We hunted high and low to find the right product for such a special time of year. So we need to shout out to our very local and incredible friends over at @berkelo.au Bread + Veg for having the nous to create better products. Produce that takes time to seed, kneed, and grow. We also want to shout out to another very local friend of ours @themeatemporium, for taking the time to source meat that is organic and ethically sourced and bred.


So why all the fuss, you're probably thinking. I mean, it's nice, but why the effort. This year, we went hard styling this space because we are grateful, grateful for your time, and grateful for our special ones in our life. So whatever your jam, spend time this year showing your loved ones that you care. It doesn't mean finding a bloody epic greenhouse in the garden and lighting it up like nobody's business; it means spending time to nourish and feed your loved ones with your best foot forward. 


So if that means throwing down a rug and making a beautiful picnic or perhaps a cheese plate for two - do it with gratitude and grace. If 2020 has rammed anything down our throats, it's take nothing for granted - We are grateful dear friends, enjoy! 


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