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Back On The Road Again

22 May 2020

Well, it's official were allowed out and about to explore our divine regional rural areas. For some of you, that means nothing, zip. For us, however, it means the world. As much as we love home and being nestled in with our loved ones, we have been missing our adventures and mostly our free will to explore as we damn well, please.

You see we are great supporters of lifestyle, mother earth and all that space in nature encompasses. We've missed her greatly and have longed to be back out and about exploring her beautiful sunny shores. We've had so much time to think since we've been in lockdown its been a surreal process. Lives have been lost and modern living has received a massive slap on the wrist.

We are not handling ourselves in the best possible way, we work too hard, too fast, we overproduce and waste too much. Here at HQ, a common question being asked is how do we take what we've learnt and move forward. Can we throw out emails and go back to phone calls and fax to slow the F down. Can people be charged for every email they send so maybe everyone thinks twice before over-communicating and under-delivering? How do we maintain this pace, can we cancel more regularly on social events now we've come accustomed to slowing down? How do we adapt our business, what have we learnt? There are so many exciting ideas flying around for change. My greatest fear is that we settle and stop evolving. This is the greatest opportunity for innovation we've had in the longest while. Time slowed down so we could catch up with the times. Before we rush into a new normal, what do we bring forth from the past?

The questions are endless, the only thing we do know is that even if things never return to the way they were, nature will always hail supreme and we can’t wait to run like wild horses over hills straight into her open arms. That for sure will never change and we are unafraid.