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Sneaky peek - Check out behind the scenes of our Real Living Xmas shoot

22 November 2017

It's 6 am and the A-team at Real Living consisting of Kerrie-Anne Jones (stylist) Maree Homer (Photographer) and assistants Lisa Burden and Jen Schipper are rolling into Palmy wharf bleary-eyed and ready for action. I had to chuckle at the amount of loot they bravely decided to ship over and reminded them that we had a lot of crap on the other side to work with. Nevertheless, the barge filled up and off we went. It is the Christmas issue after all.  

Photo by Deanna Gerlach

We were kindly asked in September if we'd like to share our home with a few 100,000 this Christmas for tips about style and what to do on your special festive day. Somehow they had found out about our families working project Camp Seabird located at Coasters Retreat opposite Palm Beach. I had a slightly nervous moment because I knew we had some work to do to the cabin before we were happy to show it off. It gave us the kick we needed to hang that artwork and paint those doors we always thought should be black. You know how it rolls, a deadline. 

Room Setup at Camp Seabird, designer Kelly's seaside escape

So two weeks out we began filling the place with bits and bobs. I am a massive hoarder and have been collecting these items over the years, it was great we had a bloody good old fashioned working bee. I called in my buddies and we went to town. The drills came out, masks when on and we threw things up all over the place, the adrenalin was pumping and everyone was loving the push. You know over the years I have shot zillions of times and nothing prepares you for being in front of the lens, you either have it or you don't. Personally, I'm not a fan, hence the limited photo's of myself on social media but the kids, on the other hand, are bloody naturals. 

Festive Tree by Pony Rider

So it was fun setting up the house with all our Pony Rider pieces and seeing each item come to life. The Festive Tree is such a great piece and the kids love decorating it with tiny copper lights. We use safety pins to pin the lights on it and it makes the place look so pretty. Max could not understand why the pressie boxes were so light until he realised the process... they're empty. Little funny one. 

Kelly on the tools lugging the canoe Bunk Room at Camp Seabird
Kelly Searl & her dog Scout Detailed Window cabinet at Camp Seabird

This shot gives reference to all the loot the girls packed onto the barge. I swear they didn't unpack much but better to be safe than sorry. I've learned that the hard way. Each time I come over I always forget something and need to go back to pick up missed items. Once I forgot my kids!   

Shot of Camp Seabird

Scout scoping out the workings of the shoot Kelly and her kids hanging out

Picture of Scoutie above taking it easy on the day. I think she was sniffing out some food at this point. A little chill time by the water. The kids were so well behaved and perhaps a little bribery to keep them in line but apart from that, they were angels. Maree Homer in action, she never seemed to stop shooting all day. It was all in the detail. 

Photographer, Maree Homer Dylan has a keen eye

Anyhow that's a wrap peeps. It was a long super fun day and thanks for sharing. Ramsay, Bogues, and Jane thank you for your extra help. All photo's above are shot by my good friend Deanna Gerlach. If you're interested in some nice tips from our Gift Guides make your way over as you can see our top Christmas picks and style tips. x

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