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Cabin Fever Yet? New Looks To Pull You Through

16 April 2020

Who said staying home need be so stifling. It's time to dust off your paranoia about what should go where cause we've created some great new looks that will rock your cabin space and shake things up ready for some visitors when we are finally allowed. Either way, your background space will look epic while chit-chatting on zoom meeting or hanging about in house party.

Our first look this season is Coastal desert. This look sits somewhere between a Californian bungalow, meets Margaret River raw. Safari stripes in tans and browns styled with the new blush colour of donkey pinks. Our prints this season are inspired by the earth. Moonrise is one of my favourites. a double moon reversed. 

If you like it lean and clean then the Modernista is definitely your thang. It takes a certain amount of discretion to pick a print that will make the entire room sing so we made it easy and limited it down to a couple that likes to hang out together. The River Bends cushion is a new feature print that will make all those black and white lovers rejoice rainbows and poo lollipops. I know there is a breed of you out there that love this colour combination so well that they strictly stick to Black and white so rejoice in our offering and be merry. Oh the other guy is Modern Love namesake is exactly that for you.

Looking for a completely different look then try making a garden room. It looks great with a light-filled space and brings a certain ambience into your world. Our My World Cushion in Olive has the perfect tone for the green on green space. The hand-embroidered detail adds a touch of homemade class to your space that can't be found. I always like to add a slight touch of colour to accent the room so go for the sister style in this case in the natural. My Worlld | Natural it comes in a larger style too so if you like a bigger cushion. Green it up my friends, it's a great calm style.

Ok, that's a wrap for now. We will come back to you with some more ideas to help you feeling great in your cabin while we isolate. Better yet get it ready for when we can start hanging out again with friends. If you also want to flick us a DM message or email us a shot we can help advise some products that will suit your space. Otherwise our shop the look page is a great place to get some cool ideas. 

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