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Creative Folk - A love of real food with Teddy Brennan

21 October 2021

1. For those who don’t know what Bear Food is, talk us through who you are and what you make… 


My name is Teddy Brennan and I live in Avalon on The Northern Beaches of Sydney. I'm a Holistic Exercise and Lifestyle Coach and chef who LOVES growing, preparing, cooking and eating real food with friends outside in nature. 

BEARFOOD sells a range of 100% organic pantry staples including pickles, condiments and sauces that are free from nasty preservatives, additives and other weird ingredients that I believe don't belong in our food. I also run cooking workshops, retreats and outdoor cook-ups alongside Nic from Balance Studio.

2. How did the journey of Bear Food begin? What's your background? 

I started out in the music industry playing in bands, managing venues and promoting tours around Australia before moving into the kitchen. I've always had a big love for food and began working as a chef in catering and events around Sydney and NSW. This is where I learnt the most about cooking and preparing food, whether it was an intimate dinner party or a huge wedding. I had some really great mentors who taught me how to really put love into the food you make.

I started BEARFOOD a few years ago when I began pickling produce leftover from events. I hated seeing leftover produce going to waste so I became interested in how to preserve and pickle. I began making sliced Bread & Butter pickles and giving them to friends to try. Everyone seemed to love them! Since then it has grown organically and I'm building up a range of pantry staples that you can easily combine together to make really yummy and nutritious meals that are free of artificial ingredients.

3. What’s your favourite part about making/cooking for other people? 

Cooking for other people is one of my favourite things to do and I love how food brings us together. For me, it's an opportunity to share my passion for real, organic food and hopefully debunk the idea that eating organic and healthy is too hard, expensive or doesn't taste as good. I love the process of preparing a meal for people and seeing the joy they get out of eating real food :)

Yes the food I make is healthy but it isn’t “Health food” it’s REAL FOOD!

4. Share with us your favourite recipe that you use Bear Food pickles in...

I love making a Japanese style bowl with brown rice, salmon or tuna sashimi, pickled seaweed, pickles, kraut, half an avocado and perhaps an egg… Yum!

5. Are there any exciting things in the pipeline for Bear Food or other career ventures? 

I’m currently a practicing Holistic Exercise and Lifestyle Coach working out of Balance Studio in Avalon Beach. We run group classes and I also do one-on-one private coaching clients on how to eat, move and be healthy!

We are about to launch our online BearFood store where you can purchase the BearFood goods direct to your door. Moving forward I’m excited to begin combining my coaching and passion for food into a unique offering.

Watch this space…

You can find Teddy's BearFood pickled produce in our Newport flagship store or connect with him via instagram @bear.food