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Dawn Rangers - Salty Davenport

11 February 2022

Welcome to the gang, Salty! 

Our very first Dawn Ranger, Salty Davenport is a lover of travelling and the outdoors. His zest for adventure and undiscovered places will have you hitting the road in no time. 


1. Tell us a bit about yourself. Your background, your day job, spill the beans. 

I grew up on a farm in the Wheatbelt, and later moved to the coast where I found a love of surfing and diving. I moved to New York to shoot fashion in my 20's but missed the adventures back in Australia too much. Once I moved back home I found myself pursuing the adventures I enjoyed and working out a way I could make a living from it. I now work as a freelance photo and video creator for tourism, adventure, 4 wheel driving and corporate clients throughout Australia and overseas. I feel I'm in a good place to create and expand my skills in this field.


2. When did the nomad journey begin and where did you find your zest for adventure?

It all began back in 2008 with my first surf trip to the North West desert of Western Australia. Where the red rock meets the big blue Indian Ocean. I quickly found just as much joy by being in the empty desert as I did while I'm surfing in the perfect waves.

3. What drives you to get outdoors and connect with nature?

The silence, solitude and hunger for learning about new undiscovered places we have here in Western Australia

4. Your all-time favourite adventure location.

I will never tell... ;)

5. Which piece/s are your must-have road trip essentials?

Floor cushions and the Adventure Time blanket I now keep in my car, always ready!



Born to roam

Salty Davenport is a true dawn ranger, an earth warrior who forever inspires us to connect with nature. You can follow along Salty's journey at @saltydavenport

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