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Dawn Rangers - Spencer Frost

26 May 2022

Say hey to Spencer, our latest Dawn Ranger!

Spencer Frost is a creative filmmaker and local adventure chaser. He shows us a small snippet of his life behind the lens as he takes us on the road to Samurai Beach, on the coast of NSW. Cue starry nights, bonfires and morning brews with a view. 

1. Tell us a little bit about who you are

My name is Spencer Frost, I'm 27 years old and I'm a filmmaker from Avalon Beach on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. 

2. When did you begin filmmaking and how did this journey begin? 

I started creating films when I was pretty young, around 12 I think. We'd always film each other surfing around home and from this I eventually went on to landing some paid jobs within the surf industry. That slowly turned into a career and I've been doing it ever since! 

3. Where did you find your zest for adventure? 

I think travelling up and down the coast from a young range really gave me my zest for adventure. Getting out of your hometown and exploring what the rest of Australia has to offer was just so addictive for us. This soon turned into travelling around the world chasing waves. I'm pretty lucky that I now get to travel all over the world filming. 




4. What drives you to get outdoors and connect with nature? 

I think that heading off on a roadtrip or jumping on a flight is so beneficial for your physical and mental health. It also allows you to get out of your comfort zone and grow as a person which is amazing. 

5. Talk us through your most epic filmmaking adventure? 

We just returned from a 2 month trip to the Kamchatka Peninsula in the far east of Russia. This was by far the most epic adventure I've been on. We flew around in helicopters, snowboarded down volcanos and scored some crazy waves in one of the most remote and unexplored coastlines on our planet. We can't wait to show you what we've been working on. 

6. Describe your work life in 3 words? 

Work in progress. 

7. Tell us the story of the video, the inspiration, the journey etc. 

We wanted to keep it simple, a nice cruisey trip to take my new van (recently fitted out in Pony Rider goodies) on a beach and escape the crowds. We ended up at a place called Samurai Beach, we camped under the stars, had some epic campfire cook ups and scored some super fun waves in the morning. 

8. Any highlights or lowlights from that trip? 

Getting the van stuck on the beach with the incoming tide was pretty funny (and stressful). We had to dig it out before the water took it away which was classic. We got out just in time! 

Spencer's Road Trip Must Haves

The blankets and towels have been a game changer, such good quality and so nice and warm. I keep them in my van for every road trip.

You can follow along on all Spencer's epic adventures at @spencerfrostfilms or @spencerfrost


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