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Deluxe Bedding

17 July 2017

Successful bedroom design is all about being brave and having a go. After all, you can always shut the door! Read on for simple ways to make your sleeping space DELUXE baby!

When we’re organising a shoot, running around making beds up left right and centre, we love to have loads of options, blankets, throws, cushions, and pillows at hand. However when the beds are finally made they always have around three key pieces on them. A great cushion or two, a beautiful throw or blanket and some great pillowcases.

It’s always good to start simple, white sheets are a perfect base but if you want to try a colour go for it. After that, it’s pretty much based on the season and how warm or cool you want to be. In winter we throw one or our great wooden blankets on then a duvet another throw over the bottom of that. In the morning fold the duvet down and show the blanket off.

Stack your cushions in a graphic kinda way - straight up, three across or two side by side. We prefer to have them neat one behind the other in two rows. Play around with size; the largest doesn’t always have to sit at the back. Two cushions on each side are plenty and maybe one little hero one if you like.

Keep it simple and have fun. You always get to make it again tomorrow!