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Hut Restoration

22 July 2021

When we conceived this project, it was direct from our hearts. We knew we wanted to inspire people to get outdoors and journey into nature. The how was another story.
How could we give back and showcase something close to our hearts? The National Project was born.

As a kid, I grew up roaming the National Parks, enjoying quality time with my family. The whole day always felt like a massive adventure, kicking between huts as a rest stop for morning tea. I always looked forward to the next location. It was never the journey as a kid but arriving at the destination. Everything we try to unwind as adults.

So when the bushfires came through the National Parks in 2020, I felt inspired to reach out to the National Parks and Wildlife Foundation to see what we could do to help. We were met with open arms as we fumbled our way into the philanthropic sector. Asking a million questions and working on the ins and outs - after many, many hours curating the experience and give back process we launched our first project supporting the Kosciuszko Huts - an area close to our hearts.

We don't plan on just sticking to this area. We already have a few on the horizon in New Zealand too. We look forward to watching this project grow - even better yet, if we can motivate you to grab a mate and go on a journey, what could be better.

By no means are we the leaders in this area. We're the new kids, and we've found inspiration in some fantastic leaders in this area that have been on this journey for some time. However, the difference between programs is that our community and we are funding the restoration. We supply restoration gear to the parks, and a national park team do the work. 

Our First project Bullocks Hut is needing approx 30K worth of work. We have already raised $6k with a $10,000 donation. So what can you do to support? Either buy a piece of The National Parks gear or make a donation. Every dollar helps preserve these beautiful huts for generations to come.