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Local Legends - Tumut Broom Factory

19 October 2020

It’s not often that you find a family-owned business still going strong, hand making the most basic of household items - the broom.

Located in the small town of Tumut near the Snowy Mountains, this Aussie gem is 64 years young and has been owned by the Richards family since 1978. Can you believe there were 14 factories similar to this across Australia, now Tumut Broom Factory is the last of it’s kind. This is even more reason for us to get out there and support these guys and the skills they have and are handing down to the next generation.

They run tours of their factory which are totally fascinating it takes you on a great journey from growing the millet through to sewing the brooms. We took one and a whole lot of brooms while we were there! We’re now proud to say we're stockists of these heritage brooms, so drop instore and take one for a test drive. Once you have you'll never turn back and see why these guys are still in business. Their brooms are made to last so their worth every cent.

Support local makers especially when they're an almost extinct craft, only thriving due to the bloody hard work, talent, and dedication of one family. 

We love our local legends. X