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Little Daily Rituals

24 April 2020

We all have little moments in our lives that we hold dear. It might be a day, a memory, an object or even a smell. Either way, we need little rituals in our life to commemorate or give meaning to our everyday. We see the tree and advent calendar at Christmas time, the egg at Easter celebration and the rosemary at Anzac day for remembrance. It might be burning a candle every night for someone you love or purely for the fragrance and it simply says time to unwind. Personally, it's taken me 42 years to grapple with the candle - I didn't get it but suddenly I do.

Maybe I am becoming more sentimental or perhaps it's because I've been educating myself about mindful rituals that you can place throughout your day to bring peace and pace to your daily routines. The benefits are plentiful. It's my morning cup of tea on the front deck overlooking people as they pass by. It's the glass of wine with dinner as I cook. It's the Palo Santo sticks that I burn in the office that tells the team its time to focus and have flow. Either way, they all make up the greater sum of your day and what brings joy to it. What are the daily rituals that you practice - do they bring joy? or do they need to be set aside for something else? 

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