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4 creative women share mum wisdom for Mother's Day

28 April 2022

Ah mums! We are them, we know them, we love them and we quite literally wouldn't be here without them! 

To celebrate Mother's Day this year, we asked four incredible women to share their wisdom, creative inspiration and what they've learnt as mums or from their mums.

Kelly with daughter Dylan, mum Loz and pooch Scout

The mum of Pony Rider, Kelly Searl, on raising adventurous kids, a booming business, a dog and the rest of it 


Tell us a bit about yourself (something we don't already know!) 

I'm a helicopter mum and a super relaxed mum at the same time. My bad habit is switching off and unwinding to a B grade rom com. I love it!

Where do you get your creative inspiration from? 

Travel, adventure and imagination.

What were your expectations coming into motherhood? How is it different? 

I wasn't sure what to expect. I wasn't an earth mother but I am super intuitive. Motherhood is a place where I found myself and began to understand myself better. 

A bond like no other

What's the best mum advice you've received from your mother, Loz? 

Keep your kids as busy as you can handle.

What's the biggest lesson you've learnt as a mum to Max and Dylan? 

That your kids are them and not you. They are a reflection of your best and worst traits!

What are your Pony Rider picks for Mother's Day? 

Ohh it depends on your jam! But for me, it's any of the Duffle Bags or The National Project gear because they mean travel and adventure. 

Three's a crazy beautiful crowd!

Local artist Madi Luschwitz talks self-discovery and her crazy beautiful life with triplets Woody, Tiger and River


Tell us a bit about yourself... 

I'm an artist living on the Northern Beaches with my beatiful family. My husband Nic, and our 2-and-a-half year old triplet boys Woody, Tiger and River.

Being an artist, where do you source your creative inspiration from? 

My inspiration comes from my heart and visual interpretations of life experiences and shifts that come about over time. Connection with nature and community are big parts too.

Describe motherhood in three words? 

Love. Insanity. Learning.

Madi's mum, Michelle, always there to give a helping hand

What were your expectations coming into motherhood? How is it different? 

Haha, well considering I was only expecting one baby and not three, they were pretty drastically different! I expected motherhood to just be me with a baby and I didn't relise your whole being is flipped inside out and you have to get to know a whole new you. The older the boys get the more I am humbled by how much there is to learn about yourself, the world and the people around you. 

What's the best advice you've received from your mum?

Be yourself - not so much verbally but by watching her be the wild hippy woman that she is. I love how she is unaffectedly herself in any situation.

What's on your Pony Rider wishlist this Mother's Day? 

Ummm everything! I'm a big fan of all the Pony Rider goodies but if I had to pick, the Our Nations Throw is pretty magic, and I love the Slow Ranger Hat and Sunrise Cushion.

Foodie Ada and her daughter Harriet

Super mum and step mum Ada Jones talks motherhood and food, naturally


Tell us a little bit about yourself...

I'm an Executive Assistant at Newscorp, I'm a mum and step mum to two beautiful girls, I love cooking for my family and friends, and love anything about food! I enjoy travelling with my family and watching the kids enjoy adventures, getting to learn a lot from the wonderful friends I'm surrounded by and the awesome community we live in. 

Describe motherhood in three words?

Awesome. Hilarious. Evolving.

What were your expectations coming into motherhood? How is it different? 

I didn't really have any expectations other than wanting it to be an awesome experience, from birth to watching Harriet grow and explore. It was pretty close to reality and still remains a pretty cool experience. I think I'm pretty lucky! 

She got it from her mamma!

What's the best advice you've received as a mum? 

They're little. You're big. 

Biggest lesson you've learnt as a mum to Harriet? 

To always be supportive and encouraging because teaching resilience and confidence allows kids to really be themselves. And manners are paramount! 

What's on your Pony Rider wishlist this Mother's Day? 

The Given Travel Throw, the Fireside Apron (of course), the Red Racer Knit Beanie and any of the big Wanderful Cushions

Yoga teacher Laura and mum Trish

Yogi Laura Gonzales on finding your calling and lessons learnt from her mum Trish


Tell us a bit about yourself...

I was born and raised on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. Growing up we were always either at the beach, hiking, or riding bikes. In my 20s I started to travel and became really interested in the way other people live. While living in California, I completed my yoga teacher training and started teaching, it was my calling! I moved to the Northern Beaches of Sydney in 2009 where I continue to reside. I teach yoga, fitness, host retreats and workshops. I still prioritise surfing over most things. 

Where do you get your inspiration from? 

I'm really inspired by other people. I love seeing other people do their things, living in their joy. Watching them succeed, whatever that looks like to them. 

Big smiles from the mother-daughter duo

Describe your mum, Trish, in three words? 

Thoughtful. Caring. Energetic. 

How would she describe you? 

Surf-addicted. Funny. Sassy. 

How does your mum inspire you? 

I've always been inspired by the way she cares for others. When we were kids she'd always take our friends under her wing - teaching them to swim, hosting birthday parties etc. She's always had a lot to give to others. 

What are your Pony Rider picks for her on Mother's Day?

The Totem Beach Towel, the best big cosy beach towel for the days I can actually get mum to swim. She's not a fan of the cold so wrapping up in a big towel is the best! The Our National Blanket, the Kozzy Tee, and the Adventure Made Slouch Bag are also on my (or mums!) list. 

Big smiles from the mother-daughter duo