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Creative Folk - At Home with P.E. Nation's co-creative force Claire Tregoning

21 October 2019

We lobbed in on our mate Claire Tregoning of the super-luxe PE Nation brand for a snippet of her home life. It’s fair to say after sneaking around her house for a few hours, raiding the pantry for a couple of snacks and turning her loungeroom upside down for the perfect shot this girl is one cool cat.


Nothing phases her, she just takes it all in her stride. We tried to unravel her a bit so we could give you real loot to feed the tall poppy syndrome, sorry peeps this one is legit. She's a hard-working creative woman than manages the elusive juggle with a lot of help from family and friends. 


Read on to learn about her favourite spaces in her home, what she does in her spare time (seriously does she even have any) and what's inspired her on her travels. 


What’s the most important room for you in your house and why?
That’s a hard one, probably our kitchen/living room as it is where we all hang as a family and with friends, its really relaxed and open and feels good when it's full of people.
You have a lot of textures in your home? What’s that all about? 
Do we…. I guess we do, we love using old reclaimed timber and bricks in our spaces, we aren’t into the super modern minimalist vibe, so everything has an old-worldly feel about it.


What was the house like when you purchased it?
It was a small 1950’s beach house on stilts, the house is positioned at the back of our property allowing for us to add to the front. We added on the front room which is a large barn style room which includes our kitchen and living which flows out onto the front deck and lawn. We also reconfigured the old house for the three bedrooms and bathrooms up the stairs. 
Where do you like to hang in the house most?

The kitchen


What's your favourite downtime activity at home?


How do you manage a home and running such a large empire in PE Nation?

With a lot of support from my husband, family and our nanny

What's your hot tip for styling a space like yours?

More is more, we like collecting and filling rooms with furniture and lots of different styles of art on the walls.


What's your favourite object or artwork in your home and why?

The hand drawings by Steph Mitchell in the living room.


What's the best idea you’ve seen in your travels and bought back home and incorporated it into your home?

The exposed timber throughout the house.



subtle simple colours layer Claire's home Working hard anywhere and everywhere!
Casual, clean bedroom style
Organic and freestyle, the perfect kids space
Where the old meets the new Secret little snooze spaces everywhere
Favourite spaces - who's they guy behind the yacca?
Keeping it simple with white bedding and a blast of colour
Everyone loves a bean bag!
A few of her favourite things - illustrations by Steph Mitchell
The best place to spend a lazy weekend


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