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Office Antics

18 February 2021

We thought it's time we shared a little behind the scenes with the crew and our space that creates your gear. A little over a year ago, we moved into the local lawnmower shed, yes really, and we love it. It took a creative eye, a lick of paint, some top-shelf signwriting and excellent styling to get the old girl to shine. We got there in the end, other than the subtle aroma of ingrained oil and petrol she's perfect. Half open-plan studio space, half retail store, perfectly fitting our design, production, and sales teams within.

Did we mention we LOVE camping? The one element the old mechanic shed didn't have was a camp vibe, easily remedied by throwing a massive recycled canvas tarp on the wall. Voila! The roll-up garage door and hanging plants also add to the "outdoor" feel.

The shopfront is a combination of vintage finds, flexible bespoke shelving and bedding made by a mate of ours. Our focus was never on having a retail store, a showroom was the original plan, but since opening in late 2019, the flagship store has been an absolute winner. Locals love it, giving us a greater view and understanding of our market. It's also given us a chance to support smaller local creatives and artists that compliment the Pony Rider range, making our hearts sing.

We're a flexible crew at Pony Rider, we're small, but we're mighty. Between the battle for who's playlist kicks ass and the silence of heads down bums up we're productive, creative, focused and we're 100% invested in making gear that makes your day rock!  

Recycled canvas and plants bring the outside in
This woman is a Production Manager so we can't show you her face! Morning Kirsty Taya always has her sunnies on ready for a fast getaway.
The hardest working team member, Scout. Coming up for long service leave soon. We let Hayley out of the storeroom on special occasions.
Fave office pic - the pig not Kel
Tap tap tap, working very hard on everything always.
Hi my name's Taya I'm your junior design and web maintenance person, and I wear my PJ's to work. Hi, I'm Nicky. I look after Marketing and design. I was using Photoshop before Taya was born! FUCK!
G'day, I'm Tina. I had a surf, MTB ride and did 3 loads of washing this morning before starting work at 7 am! I'm Kelly when I'm not interrupting the office with my crazy ass idea; I'm designing fun stuff for you guys.
Our space is a real mix of vintage, found and bespoke pieces. A bit like the crew who work here.
Our open-plan workspace gives Kel every opportunity to "bounce ideas" off everyone all day...
Dee's my name, shooting's my game. Right now I'm hiking down the entire West Coast of New Zealand with 3 kids and a hubby! I'm your Saturday, front of store man - Nathan. And at home, I usually wear no pants under my apron.
I'm Hayley, and when I'm not locked in the storeroom, I source fabulous pieces for our shop and look after our excellent customers. Hi, I'm Kirsty, and I live for production!  My life is a sample even my children are samples, I think their zippers need tweaking.