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Creative Folk - An adventure from the heart

20 May 2021

Meet our very own adventure girl 

I’d like to introduce you to one of my mates. She never realised it, but she was in my inner circle and made my day to day quite magical. We’d talk about adventure and cool things to do outside, we’d go on journeys together, shooting and getting amongst it - until the day she decided to start her own… this is her story.
Deanna, our colleague and photographer, walked into the office and said, “I think I’m going to walk from the top of New Zealand to the bottom”. We all paused... and listened and then screamed out loud… WTF! This conversation went on for weeks, and we watched her dream unfold into a brave reality bit by bit.

Her Hubby, Tom, the ultimate partner in crime, said, “hell yeah!” Quit his job, and the two of them started packing up their entire house, wrangled three kids out of school and closed doors. Together as a family, they moved as one united unit and proved that magic really can happen when you take risks.

Deanna, born and bred Kiwi, made a move to the big red post-Uni. She met Tom as they worked together on the Harbour Bridge climb cementing their aspiration for adventure. They hooked up and made three epic children, Juno 12, Joplin 10 and tough little Goldie 5 (since turned 6 on the trail). The kids were not stoked on the idea of leaving their mates but knew that something epic was brewing.

Their inspiration for walking an entire country span officially known as the Te Araroa Trail was a mixture of grief and wanting to follow their intuitive drive that there was more to life than settling, more than what they had. They wanted to feel mother earth on a more intimate level and wanted to offer their children the adventure experience, which Deanna, too, was provided as a wee fella. 

As one of their friends, I’d say that I heard the full range of emotion from inadequacy and fear to joy and excitement throughout the journey. The highs of the highest mountains (literally) to the lowest of lows (in the vault, baby) this adventure threw it all at them. They met an incredible amount of awesome people on their journey and a few funny ones. Now they can’t wait to make a new home. So keep an eye on these cats, their shit’s getting real.


Pic above -Looking at The Harris Mountains. Day three of the Motatapu Track. Day 157 of the Te Araroa Trail for @noodlesforbrekky 


Macetown is a little old Goldmining Town that was abandoned some 100 years ago due to a sandfly infestation. Goldie and Joppy enjoying the Sandfly free zone around the campfire in Macetown.
Camping in Macetown, -2 overnight in Autumn. Not too cold for Sandflies though.
After five nights of the same old rice and pasta meals, Goldie is pumped for fresh veggies and olives. Always dreaming of olives.
Stodys Hut in Otago, on the Breast Hill Track
Goldie walking into Careys Hut on the shores of the North Mavora Lake after a long day tramping through ice, tussock, alpine rivers and marshy farmland.

Yay @noodlesforbrekky - You rock our world.

They completed the walk this week (18.05.21), jump on and their insta feed and follow their journey into the future. Adventure warning - you’ll pack up shop before you know it. 


Deanna, you blew my mind. I cry when I see the shots because I know your journey and how deep you dug to get there. I am incredibly inspired by your journey and the moments you captured are just the beginning. Your talent and rawness are fucking incredible.

I am stoked for the coming future. We have so many things to do. 

Love you from one adventure Mumma to another - see u soon! 


Tom, it takes a special man to stand behind his woman. You are the number one. You carried that family through the hike, like literally with the number of kilos on your back. I would have been super shittty by that at times. Legend x 


Goldie, you rock my world, little one. You are tough and did good. Youngest kid to ever walk the track - hell yeah!

Joplin, You look like the true clean spirit that you are, my little elven angel.

Juno, I am so proud of how you supported your parents and led the way for the little ones - taking charge as the eldest is not always easy.