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Pony Island Getaway

8 October 2017

Can you feel it? There’s a faint balmy breeze in the air and it’s got us feeling like we need to get away. Call it nostalgia, call it a desire to get off the grid; whatever it is, its conjured up thoughts of heading off with our crew, even if it’s just for a weekend…

We’re headed to Pony Island where it doesn't matter what the weather, but the company you're with. We'll prepare some damn fine food together - from whatever we’ve brought along in the backpack. There’ll be board games. And there’ll be fireside chats. There’ll be wine and even better conversation. Later, in the evening when the fresh spring air takes her cool grip, we’ll layer up with soft blankets and draw a little closer to the fire.

This collection features life space products designed for use wherever you set up home for the night. They’re heritage pieces that you’ll use over and over today and hang onto for those life adventures ahead. Our Pony Island Collection is filled with custom woven jacquard designs coupled with a succession of symbols which represent a community, connection, direction, fire, a meeting spot, gathering together; and true to form, we have brought our X marks the spot symbol through to this collection too. It’s there in that spot that you’re invited to stand firm and present, with no schedule, no time demands, just you, your crew and the freedom of today’s quest.​​

Aerial shot of the Nomad Throw