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Relax it's Christmas

25 November 2019

Let's face it Christmas is FULL ON! But maybe it doesn't have to be. Imagine a world where it's just a few of you, decorations are minimal and mostly homemade or made from natural fibres and found treasures. The tree isn't perfect, we'll call it quirky and it's sprinkled with a few feathers and tiny lights. The few gifts you give and receive are wrapped in newspaper with a gum leaf or two tied to the front. 
And when it's all over you almost don't have anything to clean up or pack away, you could almost leave it up all year! That would make next Christmas even more relaxing. Our spread this year is made from nuts and fruit and a few dried grains. Simple is key. The point is you can make anything beautiful if you direct thought to a project. Don't be scared to run a theme. I feel like my life is one big rodeo, well that's what my kids tell me anyhow. But most of all it's about the day! Sharing with the ones you love, so take a big deep breath this year and RELAX, cause it's a fun kinda day and most importantly, shop joyfully and consciously. Have fun planning your special day. 
Multi-purpose Campfire floor cushion, great for the dog too! Shield bunting perfect for any season
Found objects and treasures hanging Advent Calendar - Made from Recycled Truck Canvas
Time for a nana nap... My world cushions and throw
Ms Clause and her Wonderful Sack
It's all shits and giggles until someone gets a crappy cracker joke!