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Styling a kick ass kids rooms!

14 October 2019

Strictly speaking, we don't design gear for kids specifically, but we are huge kids at heart and our sense of adventure curiosity and love of the outdoors gives us a pretty good idea of what big and little kids love. When looking for an ideal kids room the first point is to establish what your kids actually like. Do they find joy in curiosities, or are the adventure-driven. How do they sleep best? light and lofty or are they are tucker-inner. All these make up the greater sum of your choice or choices. 

There are only a few tips we keep in mind when styling a kids room.

• Keep the basics simple – Bedroom basics are great because you can keep layering up and down as the season's flow. Add a blanket for winter or use as a duvet replacement in summer if you are placed in warmer climates. Our cotton blankets are great multi-temperature options.   

• Add excitement, texture and interest with cushions and throws – Don’t be scared to add some colour, or texture to a room. Pick your kids favourite colour and then go from there. Throws are a great addition to your kid's room, they can take them outdoors with them as they play outside.

• Make sure everything is durable and machine washable - very machine washable! – Being a bunch of new mums in the office we know what it takes to keep a household hygienic and clean. Most of our gear is machine washable however make sure you check the labels.

• Bring a little of the outdoors indoors - shells, wood, plants - life. – We love seasons here at Pony Rider, seasons mean a reason to change and mix things up. It’s important that we celebrate a new season with items from nature that evoke a mood. Best of all kids love that and it helps to connect them with nature and food and all good things that come with seasonal changes.

... oh and relax, have fun, smile, what's a few dozen spiderman stickers on the wall?

Seabird Canvas Curtain and Dawn Ranger Blanket Land of Mates Tote
How much fun are bean bags! Camp Out Bean Bag
Lone Ranger Cushions on our Organic Canvas doona My World woven cushion & Organic Canvas sleeping bag
Organic Canvas Sleeping Bag doubles as an extra blanket Organic Bedding available in khaki and charcoal
Mix it up with canvas bedding in charcoal and khaki and our reversible Seeker Cushion
Given Throw with woven detail it's a great pop of colour Add a little fun with our range of banners