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10 questions with our talented colab Kate Rentz

We teamed up this summer with the talents of Kate Rentz. We first encountered the lovely kate as a guest editor for Folk Magazine instagram account. Her whimsy shots of landscapes from around middle America were a real draw card for us. Mountains are our thing and Kate seemed to have a whole lot to offer. Anyway as it turns out if we got stuck in a bar together due to a snow storm I think we'd be alright. From the amount of time spent emailing between us, I gather that her and I may even produce a choreographed dance off. Watch this space......

Name: Kate Rentz
Job Title: Photographer

What do you do for a crust? 
I work as a commercial, lifestyle, and travel photographer.

How did you get started?
I’ve been shooting as a hobby all my life, but I’ve always wanted to be telling stories through visuals, whether it be stills or video.  I came to LA in 2007 and after working in the production side of things for a few years, I made the decision to go freelance in 2010.  I had to keep one foot in the production or post production world for a while to maintain relationships and work while building my photography clientele.  But for the last few years, I’ve been able to focus completely on photography.  It’s been really great.

Top three travel songs?
Man, really? Only three! Having a travel playlist is what I’m all about so having only three to choose from is difficult.  I’ll give you three and then some more. I’m a pretty nostalgic person so I always love listening to songs that are reflective. Some that come to mind are:  Never Ending Math Equation-Sun Kil Moon, Running on Empty- Jackson Browne, You Are a Tourist - Death Cab for Cutie.  Those are just a few, but I’m always listening to songs from Creedence Clearwater Revival, Fleet Foxes, Canned Heat, The Rolling Stones, Wilco, Tom Petty, the White Stripes, and Cage the Elephant. 

Tea or coffee?
This one’s a tough one for me.  I love everything there is to do with coffee.  I love the smell, the taste, the lifestyle of being a coffee drinker, but I can’t drink it.  I’m so sensitive to it. I just get too jittery.  So I drink tea instead.  Don’t get me wrong, I really love tea!   I’m just mad I can’t be one of those coffee drinkers.

Favourite camp site?
I really love the Alabama Hills in Lone Pine, California.  Typically, I prefer camping somewhere wooded, but this has been my go to for a few years now.  It’s pretty empty and there are no proper sites.  You just drive in and pitch your tent and you might not see anyone the whole time you’re there.  And, I just love waking up before the sun rises to watch the peaks of the Sierras change from purples, to pinks, to yellows.  It’s pretty magical.

What connects you to nature?
I’ve always felt like nature has provided a place of rest and healing for me.  I have a mind that never seems to shut off.  The only time it really quiets is when I’m outside so I try and get there as much as possible.  I also grew up being an extrovert in a really large family.  I’m used to being surrounded by lots of social activity, and I’m quite often the planner, but I have a side to me that really loves being alone.  I really enjoy traveling by myself and most of my travel involves exploring nature and I just find that I’m able to see the world as raw as possible in this way.  

Top three road trip essentials?
A good playlist, a camera, and a road atlas.  I hate using my phone for directions.

Top three instagram accounts that inspire you?
I love @annikacynn for her landscapes, @humansofny for his portraits that tell such raw and captivating stories, and @ourwildabandon for their beautiful imagery and hilarious personalities.  

What makes home a home to you?
Because I do travel a lot, I like coming back to a place where I can rest and recharge while still feeling like I’m able to connect with nature and travel. I want it to feel like I can have one foot in and one foot out. That means having a place with lots of natural light, growing as many plants as possible (before killing them all), choosing color schemes that remind me of the natural world, and having enough space where I feel like I can breathe.  In the future, when I’m able to, it means owning lots of land that can then be part of my ‘home’.  

Do you have any travel rituals?
I tend to start packing days before I leave. I can’t help it. I get a high from packing. For some reason it feels so good and I can’t quite pinpoint why it does.  Maybe because being a list-maker, I get to check things off? Once I’m done with my suitcase or backpack, I move on to planning the food…

What is your favourite colab item you made with us?
I would have to say the Sunset Dreams or Roam Free because they’re both shot in one of my favorite places, the Alabama Hills.

What is your next project coming up?
I've actually been writing a comedic travel show that I hope to direct in the near future.  It's been really fun and I'm working with one of my old roommates who's extremely hilarious and is the perfect character.  It's been super fun bringing some of my own experiences to the story, too. 

To read more on Kate check our our Featured Artist section where we showcase some more of her work.

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