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BTS - Sneaky Peek behind the scenes of our latest beach film

So it's time to meet the rat pack of crew that enables us to follow our dreams and bring it all to life. Pony Rider isn't just towels, cushions and product. It really is a way of life for us.
These guys are like family, in fact, the one with the tall bear like resemblance is my wonderful husband, aka Hollywood; the talent behind every shot you have seen since Pony Rider’s inception. 

You see we only work with friends and family, it ensures a great result because they are part of my wolf pack (and they're super talented). These guys get it, we have a laugh and sometimes a cry but they enable it all to happen. So I want to say a massive shout out to my like-minded beautifully talented friends. You know who you are...


Hmmm this is me stabbing the sand because it wouldn't hold the board in just the right spot. The epic board was supplied by another good friend of ours, Mick Mock. The handsome dude in the cap is my husband, Chris Searl. He runs a small publishing business on the side, Monster Children. Check it!



Mr Brett Brown, yep the silly one with bunny ears, he shoots film. Lovely fella and always keen for a single malt. Tarshy, aka the social bunny, is actually in charge of production but she has a mighty handle on social requirements, which I think she picked up over the past few years thanks to her 18-year-old son Kai. Our dear friend and model Chloe could talk under water. The hardest part was trying to catch a shot of her beautiful face without her in talk mode. Funny girl.



Then we had the lovebirds; well we had two sets this shoot. The challenge here was trying to capture some shots without them sneaking a kiss. 
Special shout outs go to Deeanna - this was her first shoot and she nailed it; Brett Brown for the beach edit; Izz/Jonny for being awesome; James/Nina for being super cute; Chloe for being Miss Chatterbox and Ollie Black for always lending a helping hand. That’s a wrap.


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