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Fallen Broken Street Hat Collab - For Dreamers Only

The hat. Day or night, it’s an adventure essential and how good is it when you find a cracker? Well, we’ve got one for you, in fact, we’ve been busy co-creating one with the lads from FallenBROKENstreet - and we think you’re going love it.

An Australian brand compatriot, FallenBROKENstreet are a bit like Pony Rider when it comes to spreading the word; they’re not all loud and proud, but you know when you see someone with one of the originals - they just kinda stand out in the crowd. And so began-eth our latest collab: The Pony Rider X FallenBROKENstreet Hat…

“I love the shape of our hat; and the way it sits up, it’s a good hair hat! It’s darkish brown and has a great leather trim so it’s pretty minimalist and will keep getting better with time and wear. If you were looking for a good reason to get outdoors, chuck your hat on and go find yourself an adventure!” – Kelly Searl, Pony Rider.

Co-creators Justin Crawford and David Frim have loaded our hat stands with classics since FallenBROKENstreet’s inception; we’ve all bought them; we’ve all loved them – and continue to do so. You see, from denim and felt right through to straw; the FallenBROKENstreet guys know their stuff. In a sea of hats, it’s their originality, their quality and their awesome shape that blazes a trail. And that, right there, taps into our ethos.

Our Scallyway felt hat is made from 100% Australian wool, is a deep charcoal colour and is available in three sizes.

With a similar brand aesthetic to Pony Rider, FallenBROKENstreet are the best in their game; and with a limited edition run of these epic hats, you’re going to want to get your hands on one of these elusive little ladies pretty quick smart because without sounding all salesy, they’re going to go!

Start your shopping here and for those looking for the perfect Pony Rider combo, grab a beach towel from our ‘Beach Club’ collection as well as a Canvas Beach Bag, and you’ll be set for summer. Hats are sold exclusively online at the Pony Rider and FallenBROKENstreet e-tail stores.