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Pony Rider Beach Club

We're pretty excited about the launch of our new Pony Rider Beach Club (PRBC) collection. To launch these lovelies we have teamed up with the talented Julia from The Vista and her lovely hubby Matty as we imobilised their rigs permanently into the shots. They have a way about them one might say. Shot lake side, not just beach is our take on summer these days. SO if your lounging about seeking the perfect towel then read on my friend because we have jam packed a whole lot of goodness into making you these classic towels this summer.

 These unique towels have several admiring qualities that all keen beach goers are looking for. So many we decided to spell them out for you.

Design Feature 01*
Sneaky hidden velcro pocket - You saw it first here people and we think it's brilliant. You know those times when your at the beach but have no where to place your jewellery, money or even your phone. Stash it in the conrer pocket with velcro closure. The bonus is it acts as a dead weight so if a gust comes up you wont be scrambling down the beach trying to chase your towel.

Design feature 02*
100% supreme Turkish Cotton Towel -
Now dont turn away thinking we have given you one of those flimsy trendy towels that don't dry you. We realise the potential of the turkish towel but the dissapointment once you try to dry yourself with it and the absorbtion rate is nil to none. So we ramped up the humble pechtemal towel and added a terry loop on the reverse. Yes it is genius! we know you will be thanking us later.

Desigh feature 03*
Quick dry nature - Nothing worse then using a towel at the beach that becomes heavy to lug back home once it's wet. Out towels have a quick dry method becase of the light weight nature of these goodies they are sure to dry at twice the speed of any full terry towel. So no more back aches from heavy bags. 

Desigh feature 04*
Stuff and go - As a mum of 4 I know the amount of gear to get to the beach sometimes can be overwhelming. So it was important for me to design a towel that rolled down to a smallish size while not feeling cheap in quality. I believe we acheived this. 

Desigh feature 05*
Machine washable and Dryable - beach towels have high useage in my house so you need to be able to wash and dry these babies as quickly as possible. We worked tightly with the team to produce a towel that could be machine dryed.

Desigh feature 06*
Custom towel design - Like everything we do! its our unique custom design. So enjoy using this product this summer knowing that alot of thought has gone into these towels to ensure your one happy camper! x. Enjoy.

Desigh feature 08*
Towel usability - Don't get stuck thinking these towels are only good for out door use. The quaility and finish in particular on the stripes makes for a great bathroom towel.

Any how we have harped on and on, so enjoy the eye candy and grab your self one of these hot items.




• 100% Superior Turkish Cotton
• Unique Pony Rider design
• Peshtemal front with terry reverse
• Made in Turkey
• Machine wash and dry friendly
• Mid weight for super quick dry times after use
• Feature velcro pocket