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Picture of Director Kelly Searl of Pony Rider
The Seeker Floor Cushion by Pony Rider
The Seeker Blanket and Lone Ranger Cushions by Pony Rider
Ducks in a row, Flash Camp setup
Relaxing on Seeker Throw by Pony Rider, Jules from The Vista
Enamel Cups by Pony Rider
Patched Honour Throw by Pony Rider
Jules from The Vista approving of the Flash Camp space



Flash Camp Pop-Up Hotel

A stay for the glamorous camper

The boys, well the trilogy of them swooped in on us like dive-bombing magpies. They needed a facelift from good to ace for their pop up hotel in a quick turnaround. Our quality product nestled amongst heavy canvas tents was going to be a well-curated experience. We decked out the tent rooms with enamel cups, decorative cushions and multiuse throws. Collaborations engage much more than product, its great to hook up with like-minded brands doing exciting things. Watch this space. 



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