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10 December 2018

It's that time of year again and you have left your Christmas shopping till the last minute - classic!! We are all culprits of it, so no judgement from us. 

Our Festive Christmas Wall Banner Christmas window display

In saying that we do have a bit of a solution for you, we have stocked our beautiful new store with Christmas goodies galore! Gear for the family, your mates, neighbours and everyone in between. If you are going for a wander around Newport come down and pop your head in. Or if you feel like a little adventure, and don't live in the area come to the beaches and make a day of it! There are heaps of lanes to wander and cafes to visit, and once you're done a trip to the beach will definitely be on the cards! 

Gift items galore Wood Log Cabins and Books

We have curated an amazing mix of products which we think will be right up your alley. Ceramics, camping goods, adventure overnight bags, market totes, cookbooks and of course our Canadian Wooden Log Cabin Toys (which are almost too good to be true!). We also have our Ultimate Christmas Ham Glaze in store which was created by the always awesome chef Jane Collins! It just happens to double as an awesome Christmas gift for all those cooking lovers out there who can't get enough of creating a Festive Feast for their family and friends. 

Wooden Log Cabin Christmas Table Set-Up

Come on down and check us out!! Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Love The Pony Rider Crew. x