Pony Rider Values:

Sustainability is a complex, intricate issue, and understanding it requires serious research and energy—plus even more research and energy to put it all into practice. For some of us, sustainability has to do with a brand’s environmental impact, while others focus on social justice or the support of economies. Truthfully, for Pony Rider, sustainability is an overarching term that encompasses all of the above. We’ve come a long way down the sustainable road since our inception in 2009; and while we’re really proud of what we’ve implemented to date, we’ve also got a range of strategies in place for long-term change right across our business. This is where we’re up to on our journey so far...

The Environment and Our Fabrics/Fibres

Organic Cotton

As part of our Organic Bedding Range we use exclusive organic cotton canvas and percale. Developed by us and made in India, we’ve spent years working to create bedding that is spun, knitted to our exact specifications and representative of the global organic textile standard. Essentially, our Organic Bedding Range is GOTS certified, which means that it contains a minimum of 95% certified organic fibre; a natural fibre, which is biodegradable, recyclable and produced without pesticides.

Organic Cotton

By recycling old truck canvas and creating new garments, we also have a collection of upcycled products available within our range. In addition, wool is it’s own natural, breathable fibre and we work with a local wool mill, which has sustainable manufacturing practices to create all our blankets. Within the mill, quality, recycled wool blankets and throws are made from any unused yarn and second hand blankets. Waste not, want not!

Organic Cotton

We also use naturally sustainable linen, one of the most biodegradable fibres available, which is derived from the fast growing flax plant. Every part of the flax plant has traditionally been used to create a worthwhile product – nothing is wasted, and production is cost effective.

Organic Cotton

When it comes to our cushion inners, we’ve made the choice to safeguard the welfare of geese and ducks that provide down and feathers for the products we all love. We aim to ensure that the down and feathers we use comes from animals that aren’t subjected to necessary harm.

Organic Cotton

We know that short supply chains ensure product doesn’t have to travel far between our makers and the Pony Rider warehouse, and we currently produce over 15% of total Pony Rider products and 100% of our wool products in Australia.

Organic Cotton

Through local production we’re able to reduce our carbon footprint by offsetting our transport to and from our suppliers with Greenfleet, a carbon neutral non-profit organisation that plants trees as a carbon alternative.

Every little bit helps.

The Community and Our People

It’s our community and our people that make our business thrive. We work cohesively with community groups to support those around us get their products to market, our shop supports local makers and we work with local craftsmen and women to create unique products that support the ‘slow’ lifestyle/fashion mentality.

We’ve also built our business around ensuring our own Pony Rider family prospers along the way too. We’re BSCI certified, we work with local manufacturers that support responsible manufacturing practices; and we use Australian based services wherever possible.

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