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Shop Manager


We are looking for a candidate with proven customer service experience who thrives in a team-based atmosphere. We're seeking people who have passion for their communities, homeware and the outdoors.

We place durability, sustainability and design at the forefront of what we offer at Pony Rider Flagship store. Your job will be to maintain your store as a hub for conscientiously crafted homewares and environmental activism through The National Project. 

You act as an ambassador for Pony Rider in our business community. You positively network across stores and channels while thinking of ways to support the broader success of retail. You ensure that our customer service experience is best-in-class: consistent, authentic, engaging and aligned with Pony Rider's core values. 

You lead by example and inspire your team to live Pony Rider's mission, both in the store and community. As the Store Manager, you are responsible for all aspects of the store.



You are passionate about the environment and the outdoors as well as homewares. You engage customers and inspire them to get involved. You use the company's mission and core values as guides for decision making and act as a brand advocate inside and outside.

In retail, our best product is the world-class service we offer our customers. Our customers come from all over the world, and we provide incredible and unique experiences that leave them feeling inspired. 

Our flagship store serves our community. We strive for deep connections to the people, places, and issues relevant here. 

Our stores support local environmental groups with grants, donations, volunteers, advocacy, and local events that provide a platform to share and engage.

- You'll use your passion for interior design to assist in the development of our customers' ideal home, ​​consulting with our customers on styling solutions

- You instil in your employees the importance of customer service and that the retail experience is where the brand comes to life.

- You train and empower staff to make decisions aligned with Pony Rider's values and act generously in all customer matters.

- You foster a seamless customer experience by making every effort to find the adequate solution

- In conjunction with the Sales Manager and Assistant Manager, you strategize to meet expense and profit goals.

- You consider the long-term business trajectory of your store and leverage your team to meet the short-term needs of that vision.

- You have a keen eye for the look and feel of your store and know that powerful visual merchandising, good habits, store cleanliness and maintenance all support a strong business.

- You act as an entrepreneur for your store and use Pony Rider's mission and core values as your compass.

- Your staff never have to guess how they're doing since you provide ongoing feedback, coaching, training and acknowledgment.

- You maintain a safe and secure environment for your team and customers and resolve any concerns quickly.

- You are deeply committed to creating a working environment that is supportive, positive, respectful.


Major Responsibilities:

1. Profit and Loss Management

     • Plans the development of sales

     • Builds up the annual budget, keeps track of all foreseeable sales and expenses in cooperation with the CFO

     • Achieves profitability in line with the agreed budget

     • Prepares weekly sales summary and monthly reports


2. Sales Management

     • Ensures that all clients served at the highest standard

     • Develops a selling strategy based on market trends, sales objectives and inventory control

     • Implements this strategy with quality and customer-service oriented sales policy

     • Ensures that all the sales team fully understands the selling strategy and applies it


3. Buying

     • Implements a proper buying strategy based on the specificity of the flagship store and Pony Rider's vision (demand, inventory and sales objectives)


4. Inventory

     • Manages inventories in a pro-active way to increase sales and keep a financially healthy stock level

     • Be fully aware of the inventory of all product lines at all times, anticipate stock build-up and shortages, and maintain reasonable levels as much as possible.

     • Optimizes sales in the store by ensuring that needed stock is available, regularly reordering


5. Merchandising

     • Implement Pony Rider Merchandising look and feel

     • Trains the sales team to develop proper merchandising skills with Pony Rider's look, feel and vibe

     • Maintains shop environment with company set standard of daily operation


6. Customer Service

     • Ensures that each member of the sales team provides an excellent service to each client entering the boutique, in line with Pony Rider's values 

     • Develops sales and goodwill through proper service to all clients

     • Always be present and back-up your team in case of challenges.


7. Team Management

     • Motivates your sales team to serve all clients in excellent standards

     • Employs and retains high-quality staff at the right compensation level

     • Keep track of each team members performance, define tasks and set goals.

     • Ensures that the team receives proper training regularly to develop customer service, product knowledge and selling skills

     • Oversees and ensures all leaves taken are in line with company policies and procedures while all untaken annual leaves are managed correctly

     • Creates a sense of team spirit, discipline and mutual respect, as well as dedication and loyalty to the company

     • Ensures that everyone on the team receives proper support to achieve their full potential


8. Sales Administration

     • Ensures that procedures and systems are clearly understood, run smoothly and comply with the ever-changing needs of the sales activities

     • Ensures that all sales activities are processed according to the business procedures

     • Processes proper sales reporting according to the Pony Rider's procedures


9. Marketing

     • Assists the Marketing Team to implement any activities concerning the store

     • Implement and execute a proper Digital Marketing strategy

     • Proposes to the Marketing Team all activities which could help achieve the sales objectives of your boutique

     • Be an appropriate "ambassador" for Pony Rider and ensure that each member of the sales team is also an "ambassador" of the brand at all times.


10. Property Management

     • Keeps the Pony Rider Flagship Store in an excellent state at all times

     • Ensures proper maintenance and renovation works are completed, in line with the agreed budget

     • Be aware of the neighbouring property market and inform your supervisor of any opportunities