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The National Project


From the rugged outdoors to commercial spaces, Pony Rider co-produces products that make spaces feel like home. For us we value shelter, so it made sense for us to help fund restoration work on the NSW National Parks & Wildlife Walking Huts. But it’s more than just about restoring these incredible huts; because, these huts are located out amongst nature, and spending time in nature helps improve mood, mental health, and emotional well-being. It’s a win win.

NSW National Parks and Wildlife tend to the beauty and diversity in over 225 national parks. The Hut Program will serve NSW National Parks and Wildlife by helping to fund the restoration of existing walking huts in our national parks. The restoration of these huts provides an opportunity for you and yours to get back out into nature.

The first stop in our Hut Program is to fund restoration work on Bullocks Hut which is located within the Kosciuszko National Park.

The Ask

With your help, our aim is to contribute a $20,000.00 dollar initiative over 12 months from launch date towards Bullocks Hut through one off customer contributions and a percentage of sales from our National Project accessories line.

How Does it Work?

Pony Rider are working directly with the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife (FNPW) and NSW National Parks & Wildlife with our partnership enabling the supply of materials to various Walking Huts as needed. When you make your one-off donation, or when you purchase your new National Project gear a percentage of sales will be channelled through the FNPW to enable further restoration works. We have planned to partner with them on future projects too.

Where Your Donation Goes

All funds raised will cover essential buliding materials purchased for an individual hut restoration, any working costs of FNPW to run the program.

Partnering with Community

In terms of the actual physical restoration work, we’ve decided to leave the project running to the teams that are currently working in this space, so we partnered with the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife (FNPW) to run these programs. And while we’re not currently creating teams to do the heavy lifting, we will endeavour to set up work teams in the future. We know there are a few working bee types amongst the PR family!

Pony Rider’s Commitment

Our in-kind support to date includes a donation of 300+ hours on concepts and strategy around bringing to market a concept that gives back to the National Parks & Wildlife.

Pony Rider has also made an initial financial contribution of $10,000.00 to FNPW to kick off our monetary commitment. This fee covers the launch of the project, initial admin fees from FNPW to run the project and an initial contribution towards materials for Bullocks Hut. Following the completion of this project, Pony Rider is committed to making regular monthly instalments that will support the restoration of one hut at a time, hopefully with your support along the way!

The Bigger Picture

As part of our larger strategy, we want to do more long term through activating projects that inspire, protect, and preserve our parks and have a larger impact on the community. We want people to get out there adventuring, enjoying our National Parks!

The Hut Project
For every National Project product purchased. We donate 1% of funds towards The National Parks Foundation for restoration work within huts, earmarked as needing work.
The Hut Project
National Parks purchase hardware and materials from our donations - and give to park dedicated teams for restoration
The Hut Project
Huts are maintained and available for use for any willing and able adventure go-getter - Get amongst it
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